Practicing Anesthesiologists – Introduction

Practicing Anesthesiologist (or freelancing anesthesiologist?)

Welcome to the section dedicated for you,the core strength of patient care. This initiative, first time in any website, is primarily meant to share knowledge. The contents of this section, as of others also, are always reviewed by experts before uploaded so that they are up to date and authentic. Please go through the mission statement.

Here you can:

  1. Learn about the recent advances, new drugs, changing trends and other issues related in clinical anesthesia so that you will always remain updated.
  2. Share your experience, related to any aspect of your patient management, no anesthetic but relevant issues to the practice of anesthesiology.
  3. Share your observations, which may through light on some important clinical issues or problems.
  4. Present a case report (see how to write a case report) It will be under your name and we will also help you to send for publication in a journal if appropriate.
  5. Participate in various studies and surveys, we propose to undertake through this site from time to time.
  6. Report any major morbidity and mortality anonymously and confidentially.
  7. Post your queries related to patient management for which we will try to get the answer at the earliest
  8. Participate in discussion forums on specific subjects.


Please feel free to give us your valuable feedback ,suggestions and constructive criticism.


  1. What’s new in anesthesia?
  2. Changing trends
  3. Do you have any interesting observation?
  4. Want to report a case?
  5. Forthcoming workshops
  6. Join discussion forum
  7. Have any questions?
  8. Critical incident reporting
  9. Closed claim mortality reporting

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