PG section-Introduction

Post graduate training is the crucial stage in one’s professional career.What is learnt in these formative years is carried for life and can make a huge difference between ‘excellent’, ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ anesthesiologist. Of course, let’s not forget, learning is a life long process……

In this section, postgraduates are,on a continuous basis,presented with various aspects of training: academic, practical skill development, ethics, futuristic issues and non technical skills.

As there is apparently no uniformity in the pattern of teaching and training in our country, this site will help to overcome the disadvantage of that by presenting a fixed pattern of training covering all the relevant areas. We put in our best efforts to have contributions by committed teachers, academicians and researchers both in India and abroad, on a regular basis.

Information elsewhere in this website also will be of use to the residents.

Suggestions to residents while using the website:

  • Visit the site regularly
  • Give your sincere feedback to improve our contents,presentations etc
  • Use the links to visit the important and useful websites
  • Ask for more information on what you need
  • Bring to our attention any inconsistency,mistakes,errors or contradictions in the contents as you go on.
  • If you have any innovative idea regarding learning,training,studies,etc,this will be a suitable forum to express and the credit will be yours,even if you are a resident.
  • You can also submit interesting and inspiring quotes,humor related to anything,but which is within the acceptable norms and decency.

Subsections (coming soon..)

  1. Tutorial of the week
  2. How to prepare a presentation?
  3. Essential anesthesia skills
  4. Non anesthesia knowledge….how much is required?
  5. How to excel as a post graduate?
  6. Opportunities after completing the course
  7. Stress management as a trainee
  8. Develop yourself as a good teacher while being a student yourself….
  9. Ethical issues
  10. How to present a journal club?
  11. Dissertation:make the best of it
  12. Non technical skills: what are they? or ANTS(Anesthetists non technical skills)
  13. Excel as a resident
  14. Report a case
  15. Report a critical incident
  16. Review articles

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