About Us

We are a group of anesthesiologists, mostly based in India.


We believe in the principle of “Knowledge shared is knowledge enriched”.

Accordingly this site is intended to be developed as a knowledge portal for all the anesthesiologists and those who have shared interest with anesthesia, like physicians, intensivists, emergency physicians, anesthesia technicians and public.


  1. Sharing and updating knowledge in anesthesia,intensive care,resuscitation,pain management and respiratory care
  1. To provide a forum for all anesthesiologists,wherever they are, to express,share, learn and update
  1. A meeting point between academics and experience: To pass on the knowledge of new developments and trends in anesthesia from those who are actively involved in academics to the end users, in the most useful and practical manner. Also,to “convert” and incorporate the vast experience of practicing anesthesiologists to the academics.
  1. To provide assistance  for the postgraduate residents in basics, training, updates and evaluation.
  1. To help non anesthesiologists to acquire core skills of airway and pain management
  1. To guide and help the anesthesia technicians to improve their competence and knowledge
  1. To disseminate the information regarding anesthesia among the medical students and general public


Dr Raveendra

Dr Nazir Ahmad